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Best of The Last – Board Game Reviews January 2018

I watch a lot of board game reviews every month. However, I actually add only a few of them to my “buy list”, as board gaming can be a very addictive and expensive hobby :). So I have decided to start a new blog series called “Best of the Last”. I will give a brief overview of why I like a specific game based on the reviews or a playthrough I have watched every month. Hopefully, this will save you some time and money if you happen to stumble upon this series.

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10 must have board games of 2017: What is on your list?

Now that I have over 100 games in my collection, I am trying to be more selective when it comes to buying a game. Having said that every year, so many good games come out, the hobby gets bigger and better, it is going to be a challenge to stay disciplined, both mentally and financially!

So I am trying to limit myself to 10 games, this time of the year everybody starts rolling out their top 10 lists, so I decided I should have one too. Hope it helps!

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13 reasons why you should play designer board games: workout your brain

When you discover tabletop games, specifically designer board games, usually you face a challenge: Finding others to play these awesome games with. Most of the time the conversation goes something like this for when we discover this awesome hobby.

-“I have just bought this board game, it is awesome we should get together sometime and play, it will be fun.”

-“Board game? You mean like Monopoly?”

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